Refereed Journal Articles

“Policing Gentrification: The Financial Geography of Law Enforcement Practices in Philadelphia,” with Vanessa Massaro, ACME, Vol 20, No 6, 2021 (in special issue “Carceral Geographies”; ArcGIS data layers and raw data for this article available here)

“War in the Neighborhood: Anti-Drug Organizing, “Crack Houses,” and Municipal Austerity in Philadelphia,” American Quarterly, Vol 74, No 1, 2022

Public Writing

“Why Do Police Drive Cars?”, Public Books, 2019

“Ending Civil Forfeiture in Philadelphia,” Jacobin Magazine, 2018

“Public Thinker: Issa Kohler-Hausmann on Misdemeanors and Mass Incarceration,” Public Books, 2018

Media Coverage

“Inside the Philadelphia DA’s side hustle – selling seized homes to speculators and cops,” Ryan Briggs, PlanPhilly, December 10, 2018